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GMAC – The Garment Manufacturers Association in Cambodia

#175, Jawaharlal Nehru (St. 215)
Tel: +855 (0)23 331 183 / 301 181
Fax: +855 (0)23 882 860


Garment Manufacturers Association in Cambodia (GMAC) represents the garment and footwear industry in Cambodia. It is established in 1996 due to the increasing need for the garment and footwear industry to stand together with a unified voice. GMAC has become a recognized association in the country, representing, promoting and safeguarding the rights and interests of the garment industry which provide about half million jobs and two millions indirectly.

GMAC provides a forum for consultation and discussion among members of common interests and seeks for the adoption of sound principles and practices of policy and legal environment. The most important roles of GMAC are to influence policy and legal environment, making sure it is conducive for the growth and development of the garment industry in Cambodia. On top of these, GMAC also provides various value-added services to members.

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