Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited Phnom Penh Branch

BOC Phnom Penh Branch is a branch of Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited (BOCHK”). BOCHK is a major commercial banking group, one of the three note-issuing banks and the sole clearing bank for Renminbi (“RMB”) business in Hong Kong. We have strong market positions in all major businesses and enjoy leading edges in cross-border and RMB businesses. Bank of China (“BOC”) has been established for more than 100 years and is the most internationalised and diversified bank in China. As part of the BOC Group’s overseas development strategy, BOCHK expedites its regional development into a top-class, full-service and internationalised regional bank.

Bank of China is the sole bank in China that continually to operate across centuries, and is a leading commercial bank in the world. By end of first quarter of 2012, the capitalization of BOC stood at USD 138.9 billion, ranked eighth among the publicly listed global banks. The value of the Bank’s brand was worth of USD 48.7 billion, ranked 4th among all global financial institutions.

Bank of China Phnom Penh Branch was established in 2010, approved by the China Banking Regulatory Commission, a subsidiary wholly and directly owned by Bank of China Head Office. Bank of China Phnom Penh Branch holds a universal banking business license, which can operate all kinds of banking products and services in Cambodia and internationally. Currently it puts focus on account opening, deposits, loans, international settlement, trade financing, debit card business, global capital management, global remittance, financial institution business and Cambodia local clearing. Apart from USD and KHR currency, we also provide foreign exchange services covering CNY, EUR, HKD etc.  In addition to branch banking and ATM channels, we  support banking services through our powerful internet and mobile banking platforms.

Bank of China Phnom Penh Branch attaches great importance to innovation and continues to develop new products, such as : E-banking, Express Pay Card, RMB Business, CNY Pre-settlement Remittance, Smart Salary Remittance, Loan under Financing Guarantee , Commercial Property Mortgage Loan and Personal Mortgage Loan.

Bank of China Phnom Penh Branch has vigorously promoted RMB globalization since its opening. Currently we have RMB deposit, RMB loan, RMB Remittance, RMB exchange and RMB L/G. We successfully launched the first cross-border RMB/KHR international trade settlement transaction between Cambodia and China on March 16th, 2011, which was the first CNY /KHR transaction amongst all Cambodian commercial banks. It has further enhanced cross currency usage between  Cambodian and Chinese  importers/exporters with the first RMB corporate loan business implemented in 2012.

Adhering to Bank of China’s  brand of excellence, international network, global financial strength, and our in-depth understanding to Cambodian society and economy, Bank of China Phnom Penh Branch stands to provide customers in Cambodia with a full series of high quality  commercial banking products and services and strive to help enterprises in Cambodia to thrive  alongside the Belt and Road Initiative and the rapid development  of  Cambodia’s financial market. 


#315 Canadia Tower, 1,2,21&27 Floor, Street Ang Doung, Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia

Tel: +855 (0)23 988 886