TP Moral Group Co., LTD.


Thriving in the Kingdom of Wonder, we pride ourselves as
Cambodia’s leading property developer, providing a
transformative living experience.

Ascending Beyond, we chart the future of urban living,
constantly innovating in order to maintain our competitive edge.
We offer extraordinary experiences by harnessing new
technologies and curating unique development concepts that is
in sync with the evolving landscape in property development.

  • Real Estate Aquisition
  • Real Estate Management
  • Planning & Development
  • Project Financing Strategies
  • Real Estate Development Syndication

Our Vision:


Ascending: Elevating the standards of Cambodian real
estate and development to exceptional heights.

Communities: We are rooted in our unique Cambodian
heritage and driven to build a safe haven for all
Cambodians alike.

Beyond: Our focus lies in building an extraordinary,
global future fuelled by the modernity of a rising
young generation.

Our Mission:

To create and maximise existing lands to achieve the
greatest use for stakeholders and occupants using our
business model and operating system.

To employ skilled foresight from our profound
understanding in the potential of resources across
Cambodia and the world, to deliver an elevated quality
of life to the communities we serve.



#33, Street 310, Sangkat Boeung Kengkang, Khan Boeung Kengkang, Phnom Penh

Tel: 023 227 766


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