Newrest Catering (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.

Development in the SEA Market: Newrest Cambodia was officially established in 2020 following the acquisition of EM Food Services (EMCAT-Hagar Catering-MFS).

Newrest now plays a leading role in the Cambodia’s Food & Beverage sector. Specializing in catering and retail concessions, its presence is well established in a few of the country’s largest cities. With operations in the three largest airports, largescale catering for school canteens, offices, factories, as well as a vast amount of business retail activities. Newrest’s takeover has only helped boost its operations and improve its presence under its globally recognized name.

As the world continues to endeavor through the Corona-Crisis, Newrest’s takeover has guaranteed our continued development and strengthened the durability of its SEA branch.


No. 44, Street 310, Sangkat Boeung Keng Kang I, Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia

Contact person: Mrs Rapytha BONAMY

Phone number: 092 333 241, 086 23 22 29

For more information:

Tel: +855 (0)92 333 095/ (0) 92 333 142