2021 IBC Strategy

2021 Strategy

Executive Chairperson - Mr Paul Clements

As the Chairperson of IBC, I wanted to highlight the immediate focuses of the IBC to position itself to meet the demands that our members are facing in this new COVID-19 Effected World.


The IBC Strategy is key to improve the value proposition to Members especially as Cambodia grapples with the COVID-19 situation. Even before COVID-19, we were facing a more complex and changing Cambodian business environment with more demanding expectations from the market.


Increased communication between Government and other business communities is essential to be more effective in attracting ongoing investment into Cambodia and making it easier to do business.


IBC is pleased to see great progress in the collaboration and dialogue between the International Chambers through what is now known as the “Joint International Chambers”. This is a great initiative that leads into Private Sector Working Group D on Law, Tax and Governance which IBC is Secretariat.


I wanted to let you know that the Executive Committee is committed to progress the Objectives of the IBC.


IBC’s commitment is the short term is to:-

• Progress the key Initiatives of IBC’s Strategy 2.0 which is to make IBC a “Thought Leader” of the International Business Community but also the “Combined Voice” of the International Business Community. This also involves IBC collectively working with Chambers (especially the Joint International Chambers) and Associations in how IBC can participate on key topics. Ongoing development of the IBC DashBoard highlighting current issues is key to our discussions.

• Take a leadership position in the development of those Industry sectors that need extra support given the opportunities that exist within (e.g. Health, Education & Argi Supply Chain).

• Continue to promote Cambodia as an investment destination.

• Progress some new IBC operational initiates as we continue to now seek feedback from our members on how we can further add value from the IBC in these COVID times.