Hanuman Beverages Co., Ltd.

About us

Hanuman Beverages is the Cambodian beverage master who commits to creating best-in-class beverages that innovate new tastes for the Cambodian people.

Creating direct and indirect employment for over 1,000 people whilst supporting thousands more external stakeholders, Hanuman Beverages is committed to contributing to the economic growth of Cambodia. With our passion, we will be sure to make a positive mark on the beverage industry in Cambodia.


To be The Beverage Hero, who takes Cambodian beverages to a new height with state-of-the-art beverage innovation.


We relentlessly create best-in-class beverages that innovate new tastes of Cambodian lifestyle.


Our goal is to establish the Hanuman brand as a benchmark of quality in the Cambodian beverage market. We will become the industry leader in innovation, integrity and sustainability, always ensuring our people and products represent the company in the Hanuman way. We will become champions of change, continually setting new standards in brewing technology, team development, sustainability and community support.


Hanuman is a passionate champion of the circular economy. We see an incredible opportunity to eliminate plastics, encourage recycling, and reward our customers for their contribution to a cleaner environment. From day-to-day operations to delivery, Hanuman is taking the initiative and showing Cambodian industries that it’s possible to be positive and profitable by producing the best beer in Cambodia.

At Hanuman Beverages, we act in a way to create a more sustainable and better share future together for our community that we dedicate our efforts to incorporating a strategy for sustainable and long-term growth with all our stakeholders and our nation. Our sustainability and share future programs are focused on areas such as Water Balance, Renewable Energy, Zero Waste, Circular Economy, Responsible Consumption, and, of course, the environment which we all share.


It takes courage, commitment, and investment to pioneer new initiatives in sustainability. At Hanuman, our dedication to sustainability is an intrinsic part of our company culture. We believe the future of our business, culture, and population depends on the preservation of the environment. Other companies may meet guidelines and recommendations, but minimum standards will never be good enough for us. Our goal is always to excel. That’s why Hanuman is aiming to be Cambodia’s first climate-positive brewery.

Hanuman Brewery

Our brewery in Kandal province is the most modern facility of its kind in Southeast Asia. It is the latest in European brewing technology, but we see an opportunity to innovate further. Included in the plant is an efficient water recycling system that reclaims and reuses 90% of all processed water. Our long-term goal of achieving carbon neutrality has already begun!


#33, St. 2004, Sangkat Ou Baek Kam, Khan Sen Sok, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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