Laksmi Prime Investment Co., Ltd.

Who we are:

Laksmi Prime Investment is one of Cambodia’s leading privately owned investment firms where its primary mission is to develop and invest in a wide spectrum of industries spanning from the financial market sector to the real estate and all the way to the logistic market space, focus on providing competitive and cost-effective on investment solutions.

Laksmi was formally established in 2012 with the objective of providing niche financial services in the investment arena and legally registered in the Kingdom of Cambodia on February 22, 2012.

Our version:

To create and deliver workable financial solution platform to primarily emerging young entrepreneurs in Cambodia and South East Asia while maintaining our highest core-value and principles.

Our mission:

Laksmi Prime Investment is committed to developing and delivering professional and flexible financial solution platforms and business models to rock-star young entrepreneurs across the country and South East Asia while minimizing shareholders’ value for many years to come and embracing the highest Corporate Social Responsibilities.


#03, F3-01A, St. 1019 Hanio, Roang Chak, Phnom Penh Thmei, Sen Sok, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Tel: +855 (0)17 988 447 / 070 717 619