Paid leave for National Election in July 2023

Notice of upcoming national assembly election from MoLVT Instruction No.045 to allow employees to take 3 days off on 22, 23 and 24 July 2023 in which wage and additional benefits shall remain the same.

Further clarification has been requested from some members – CAMFEBA has advised the below:
We view that the spirit of the Instruction No.045 is to provide accessibility to workers/employees (eligible to vote) to participate in the upcoming national election. This shall be applied regardless of the distance (Phnom Penh or Province).

In the event enterprise cannot close the operations during the period, please discuss with your shop stewards or unions in order to get their consent for day off arrangement during the period, so you can work on the schedule of day off for the employees which allow you to continue your operations and allow the employees to fulfill their obligations as the citizens of Cambodia. Negotiating with those who are staying and voting in PP to standby after or before they vote and allow those who are voting at the province to take day off can be an ideal approach for you to consider. For those who are volunteering to standby during the granted day off period, the employers should pay them as they are working PH (200% of the normal daily wages).

We observe that day off is granted for those who have rights and are eligible for the elections. With such understanding, we also read that foreigners who have no rights to vote should not be granted for these days off, unless you wish to grant them the day off as well.

Please note that the view above is made following the consultation with existing regulations as well as the guideline of the labour inspector in the last year commune election so it shall be subject to adjust if there is new additional guideline.

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