IBC RGM – Future of Cambodia’s Energy Mix and Supply

2 August 2023 (12:00 pm - 2:00 pm)
Topaz Restaurant

The IBC Regular General Meeting will be held on Wednesday, August 2, 2023, at Topaz Restaurant and will discuss on the topic of “The future of Cambodia’s energy mix and supply”.

The future of Cambodia’s energy mix and supply is a topic of great interest and importance for the country’s development and sustainability. Cambodia has made significant progress in increasing its electrification rate and diversifying its energy sources in recent years, but it still faces many challenges and opportunities in achieving its growing demand for power.

Cambodia’s domestic energy supply in 2021 was 9,255 GWh, with 44% hydro, 41% coal, 8% fuel oil, and 6% solar. Many rural communities are making use of solar power to access electricity. Cambodia had 305 MW of solar installed at the end of 2021, with seven grid-connected projects. Another 700 MW was planned or under construction. * However, Cambodia imported 26.55% of its energy mix in 2021, with most of it coming from Laos, Vietnam, and Thailand. Figures are expected to increase in 2022, with the country importing 31.79% of its energy mix.

Cambodia’s energy mix is dominated by hydropower and coal, both of which offer benefits and drawbacks. Hydropower is a renewable and low-carbon source of energy, but it is also vulnerable to seasonal changes and the effect of climate change. Coal is a affordable and reliable source of energy, but it emits high levels of greenhouse gases and air pollutants. Both hydropower and coal have social and environmental implications, such as displacement of communities, loss of biodiversity, and water contamination.

Keo Rattanak, Director General of Electricité du Cambodge (EDC) told the Khmer times – “The import of electricity is first to supplement the shortage and secondly to reduce the environmental impact. Cambodia spends over $100 million a year to meet domestic electricity needs from Laos and to provide a clean source of energy, he added.

What is the current situation and trends of Cambodia’s energy sector? What are the key issues and prospects for its future. How will the new Solar Laws coming into effect, affect the future growth of solar energy in Cambodia?

Our panellists include:

  • Natharoun Ngo Son – Director – EnergyLab
  • Simon Burlinson – Senior Consultant – DFDL
  • Kenneth Tang – President- AUSCHAM
  • Allen Dodgson Tan – Group Vice President – Worldbridge Group (Moderator)

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