Vice Chairperson
Founder and CEO
Thalias Hospitality Group

Arnaud Darc is a distinguished figure in Cambodia’s hospitality industry, serving as the Chairman & CEO of Thalias Hospitality Group since 1997. Under his leadership, Thalias has become a hallmark of quality, with a portfolio that includes some of Cambodia’s finest restaurants, delis, and hotels. His commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction has set new standards in the service sector. Arnaud’s deep-seated experience in Cambodia, which dates back to 1994, is complemented by his adept involvement with various Chambers and constructive engagements with the Royal Government. As Co-Chair of the IBC’s Working Group D on Law, Tax, and Governance, he has been instrumental in refining the business legal framework, demonstrating his capacity for impactful policy development and governance. With a proven track record of innovation, strategic insight, and community engagement, Arnaud Darc exemplifies the leadership qualities that resonate with the IBC’s mission to advance the interests of the international business community in Cambodia.”

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