Allow the Owners of Private Companies to Open International Standard Vaccination Distribution Centers

On Thursday, 29th July 2021, The Ministry of Health issued a press release to allow the owners of private companies to open International Standard Vaccination Distribution Centers and to provide the COVID-19 vaccines that are recognized by the World Health Organization with the follow conditions:
– Must have a doctor with at least 5 years experience and is registered in the list of members of the National Medical Council of Cambodia
– Must have at least 2 doctors with experience or specialization in emergency (ICU) and 3 nurses for first aid when there is a risk after vaccination
– Must have at least 1 pharmacist in charge of administering and storing the vaccine
– Must have at least 5 nurses to provide the vaccine
– There must be a separate plot of land that is suitable for operating the International Standard Vaccination Distribution Center
– Must be labeled as the correct vaccination center in accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of Health
– Must have a place and staff to do the first screening outside the front building and ask for a rapid test for client with suspected COVID-19 symptoms
– Have a waiting area before vaccination, a vaccination site, and a post-vaccination waiting area (with proper social distancing), emergency room, vaccine storage, and others if necessary
– Must have ambulances equipped with enough emergency equipment
– Must have a system to control prevent and manage the infection by follow the guidelines of Ministry of Health
– Must have a medical waste management system.
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