Lift the curfew in Phnom Penh Yellow Zones

On 21st May 2021 , the Phnom Penh Capital Administration issued the decision to lift the curfew and authorize special principles for business in “Yellow Zones”.

As of the time 00:00 of 22nd May 2021 the principles for the yellow zones are as follows:

– The curfew in the “Yellow Zone”, which banned all circulations and all kinds of employment, occupations and business activities between 20:00 Pm and 03:00 Am will be ended
– all market, restaurants, canteen, food stalls, coffee, beverage shop, and all kinds of foods& beverage businesses, to operate as normal and are allowed to welcome dine in guest;
– All kinds of alcohol ban in Phnom Penh will be lifted

However, the operation of KTV, massage clubs, cinemas, gym, etc. are still continue to suspend temporarily till further notice.

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