MOH-Measure to Prevent Further Transmission of COVID-19 Outbreak in Samut Sakhon

On 20th December, the Ministry of Health issued a notification to advise the preventive measures to prevent further transmission of COVID-19 outbreak in Samut Sakhon, Thailand as follow:

  1. Provinces along the border with Thailand must be extra vigilant in monitoring the health of passengers entering Cambodia
  2.  Mandatory 14 days quarantine
  3. The testing would be handled by Pasteur Institute Cambodia, National Institute of Public Health, and Siem Reap Provincial Hospital on the day the passenger arrives at the entrance to Cambodia.
  4. Prepare a safety gap of one and a half meters
  5. Monitor the quarantine system properly to avoid any accident.
  6. Inform village-commune authority if there is a new comer that has not been tested or did the 14 days quarantine
  7. Report immediately in case of suspected COVID-19 infection

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