MoLVT – Notification On Pchum Ben Holidays

On 03rd September 2020, The Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training would like to notify all business owners or directors of the enterprises/establishments under the provisions of the Labor Law that in according to the Labour Law and the Prakas 399 K.B/Br.K.A.Th.K, dated 04 October 2019 on the paid Public Holidays for 2020, the owners and directors of the enterprises/establishments shall permit all the workers/employees to have paid holiday during upcoming Pchum Ben Festival for three (3) days, on 16, 17 and 18 September 2020.

For the enterprises with global business objectives that must operate on a regular basis and cannot cease to operate, and the leave of all employees at the same time will resulted in loss of public interests or affect the function of the enterprises/establishments, the owners of those enterprises/establishments need to arrange the holiday leave for the workers/employees by taking turn. If there is the agreement between the employers and employees, or provided in the internal provision of the enterprises/establishment, the leave can fall on the other days that are difference from the public holidays listed on Praks 399 K.B/Br.K.A.Th.K.

The employees that work during this Pchum Ben holidays has the right to receive the bonus that equal their regular wage.

The Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training strongly believes that all ladies and gentlemen as owners or directors of the enterprises/establishments shall properly implement this notification.

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