New Measures to Curb The Spread of COVID-19

On 28th July 2021, The Royal Government of Cambodia issued the Circular No. 04 SR to curb the spread of COVID-19 nationwide for 14 days from 23:59 of 29th July till 12th August 2021. The necessary measures to be taken are as follows:
– Temporary suspend some works and business activities such as KTV, Bar, Casino, resort, museum, park, massage business, movie and art theater, and gym, and any outlet that sells alcohol.
– Temporary ban gathering for over 10 people unless authorize by the competent authority or for family gathering, for culture and traditional ceremony, funeral that follow competent authority administration, the gathering of health officer for COVID-19 test, vaccination and other emergency services, gathering of competent authority for public security and stability, and other necessary gathering for public interest or other purpose identified by the competent authority.
– Temporary ban all gathering for all kind of alcohol.
– Temporary ban on all alcohol sales.
– All restaurant can only open for take away except those that can guarantee the implementation of health measure especially social distancing.
– Implement the curfew from 9pm till 3am
– Capital and Provincial Governor need to implement the necessary measure base on the risk of COVID-19 infection in each geography by identify RED ORANGE or YELLOW zone.
– Capital and Provincial Governor need to Increase public cite for the rapid test in each geography under their authority for the citizen with free of charge
– Public institution, Private Sector, and Individual are encourage to use the rapid test during the period of implementing these measures.

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