Notification on Allowing All Business Owners, Clubs and Karaokes (KTV) in Phnom Penh to Reopen by Turning into Restaurants

On 07th July 2020, the Administrative of Phnom Penh released an announcement to inform the all the business owners, clubs and karaokes (KTV).

According to the press released No. 05 dated on 03rd July 2020 of the Peace Palace on the outcome of the Council of Ministers’ Plenary Session, to engage in economic activity and provide employment​​ the Administration of Phnom Penh​ would like to inform to all business owners, clubs and karaokes in Phnom Penh to reopen the business by turning into restaurants. But the business owners have to:

  1. Request a business permit through a single gateway mechanism​
  2. Respect the measures from the Ministry of Health to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and the safety measure from the Ministry of Tourism.

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