Notification On Schedule Of Minimum Wage Negotiations In The Textile, Garment and Footwear Sector For 2021

On 10th June 2020, the Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training informed to the public, workers/employees and professional organizations about the schedule of minimum wage negotiations in the textile, garment and footwear sector for 2021 as follows:

  1. Discussions of minimum wage for 2021 shall be held as the following:

– July 2020 is set as the start of internal minimum wage discussions of minimum wage.

– August 2020 is set as the of bilateral and tripartite discussion of minimum wage.

– September 2020, is set as the opening of the meeting of the National Council on Minimum Wage to decide minimum wage in textile, garment and footwear sector for 2021.

– 01 January 2021, is set as the effective date of the minimum wage.

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Khmer version: /wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Notification-on-Schedule-of-Minimum-Wage-Negotiation-in-the-Textile-Garment-and-Footwear-Sector-for-2021_KH.pdf

English version unofficial translation by GMAC: /wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Notification-on-Schedule-of-Minimum-Wage-Negotiations-in-the-Textile-Garment-and-Footwear-Sector-for-2021_EN.jpg




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