Phnom Penh Authorities Issued The Curfew and Business Restrictions Rule For Two Weeks

On 1st April 2021, the Phnom Penh capital administration issued the decision to temporarily suspend traffic, business activities and gathering for two weeks from 1st April till 14th April 2021.

To prevent the spread of COVID-19 Phnom Penh authorities issue the measures to temporally suspend some activities for two weeks as follow:

1. Business activities for food stalls, restaurants, cafes, beverages and restaurants in hotels where customers come to eat between 8pm till 5am (can be sold as take away).

2. Gatherings between 8pm till 5am, except for family gatherings, funeral arrangements, gathering of health officers for COVID-19 testing as well as for other emergency services, gatherings of the competent authorities to maintain security and social order, and necessary gatherings to serve the public interest as determined by the competent authorities.

3. Suspend traffic in Phnom Penh between 8 pm till 5 am, except for travel due to emergency and family necessity with a certificate from the nearest competent authority, travel of doctors, civil servants, firefighters, armed forces to carry out missions, travel of trucks or delivery services, travel of staff and workers of permitted factories/enterprises and other necessary travel.

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