Policy for COVID-19 Vaccination Booster Dose

On 25th August 2021, The Royal Government of Cambodia issued the announcement No. 01 SBrKr on the policy for the COVID19 booster dose. The the Royal Government decided to adopt the policy for COVID19 booster dose for for people aged 12 and over from August 2021 to mid-2022 depending on the availability of the vaccine by implementing the following principle:

1. Voluntary: The government still maintain the voluntary principle to provide the boosting dose to the people
2. Free of charge: In general the Royal Government is providing this boosting dose to the public with free of charge. However, in order to speed up the booster vaccination, as well as to reduce the burden on the national budget, the Royal Government encourages people who can afford to receive the booster dose from the private health facilities. Moreover, the company, enterprise, and business owner are also encouraged to facilitate in providing the boosting dose to their employee.
3. Privilege: This campaign will start from health and frontline officer, high risk geography, people aged over 60, and people that have low immune system.
4. Effectiveness and safety of the boosting dose: To ensure the effectiveness and safety of the boosting dose, the Ministry of Health and relevant mechanism need to follow below principle:
– Only use the vaccine that are recognized by the World Health Organization
– Determine the type of vaccine to facilitate the demand and ensure the provision of vaccines
– Determine the regime of boosting dose including Heterologous Vaccination Regiment and Monologues Vaccination Regiment
– Notify the public regarding the regime of boosting dose and provide instructions on how to get the boosting dose
5. Policy implementation mechanism: related minister and institutions to ensure the implementation of this policy are:
– Standing Committee of the National Commission Against COVID19
– Commission on COVID19 Vaccination
– Commission on COVID19 Vaccine Procurement
– Inter-Ministerial Commission Against COVID19
– Ministry of Health

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