Three New COVID-19 Positive And Three Recovered On 14th December

On 15th December 2020, the Ministry of Health issued a press release to inform to the public regarding the result of three new positive cases of COVID-19 and three recovered on 14th December.
The three positive cases are:
– One case of community infection (one year old) in Chbar Ampov
– Two cases of travelers entering Cambodia.
The three patients that recovered are:
– Cambodian man, ages 57 years old, the Director General of Prisons of the Ministry of Interior
– Cambodian woman, ages 30 years old, the family member of Director General of Prisons’ driver
– Cambodian man, ages 34 years old, works at the Ministry of Interior
According to the Ministry of Health, as of December 14, Cambodia had recorded a total of 362 COVID-19 cases with 312 recovered. 41 of the 50 current positive cases are in relation to the 28th November Event.

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