IBC Hosts Health Working Group Networking Night

The International Business Chamber (IBC) has hosted a healthcare networking event at the Hyatt Regency Phnom Penh, with a focus on driving collaboration and coordination within the Cambodian healthcare industry.

The event was part of the IBC’s 2023 agenda and was held in preparation for the upcoming Annual General Meeting. IBC Executive Director Katherine McLean emphasized the significance of the healthcare sector in Cambodia and the organization’s commitment to supporting its growth and progress.

IBC Health Working Group

The IBC Health Working Group, led by Chairperson Pauline Tan, CEO of Sing Specialist Medical Centre, stressed the importance of connectivity and policy discussions to address critical issues facing the healthcare industry. Improving communication and collaboration among stakeholders and creating a patient-oriented regulatory environment in partnership with national ministries, were identified as key priorities.

The IBC Health Working Group, which comprises hospitals, clinics, medical practitioners, NGOs, insurance companies, distributors, manufacturers, and digital health entrepreneurs, holds monthly meetings and quarterly events to drive initiatives aimed at improving medical affordability and education. These initiatives are achieved through awareness campaigns, think tank organization, advocacy, and partnerships with other healthcare stakeholders.

While Cambodia’s healthcare industry has made significant progress in recent years, there is still much to be done. Despite an increase in private hospitals and clinics, access to basic healthcare services remains limited in some areas, and the quality of care varies significantly. There is also a shortage of healthcare workers, particularly in rural areas, and a need for greater investment in health education and awareness.

Increasing investment in healthcare

The Cambodian government has recognized the importance of the healthcare sector and implemented various programs aimed at improving maternal and child health, reducing the spread of communicable diseases, and enhancing healthcare infrastructure. Partnerships with the private sector, non-governmental organizations, and international donors have also been established to address the challenges faced by the industry.

The IBC healthcare networking event serves as a crucial platform for industry stakeholders to come together, share ideas and drive initiatives aimed at improving coordination and collaboration within the Cambodian healthcare industry. Continued investment and support are crucial for the industry to continue developing and improving access to healthcare and the quality of care for the country’s citizens.

Source: IBC Hosts Health Working Group Networking Night (cambodiainvestmentreview.com)