Implementation On A Measure Not Issue Continual Visa To Stay In The Kingdom Of Cambodia To Foreigners Who Has Not Been Enlisted In Foreigners Present In Cambodia System (FPCS)

On 27th April 2020, the Ministry of Interior released an announcement to inform any foreigners staying in the Kingdom of Cambodia who has not been enlisted in Foreigner Present Control System (FPCS) will not be issued continual visa to stay in the Kingdom of Cambodia anymore.

The government is requesting that all types of accommodation owners, which include hotels, guesthouses, rentals of homes or flats etc. to report the presence of foreigners who stay in their location to the local commune police.

The General Department of Immigration will implement on this measure starts from 01st July 2020 onwards.

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English version unofficial translation by GMAC: /wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Implementation-on-a-measure-not-issue-continual-visa-to-stay-in-the-Kingdom-of-Cambodia-to-Foreigners-who-has-not-been-enlisted-in-Foreigners-Present-in-Cambodia-System-FPCS_EN.jpg