Royal Government Announces The 6th Round Of Additional Measures To Support And Revitalize Businesses And Support The Daily Lives Of Poor And Vulnerable Families

On 30th September, Royal Government of Cambodia announced the 6th round of additional measures to (1) Support and revitalize businesses to contribute to economic growth in the post-COVID-19, (2) Continue to support the daily lives of poor and vulnerable families through the “Pandemic Relief Fund”. The 6th round additional measures have prepared with the discussion between related parties as follow:

  1. The measure to support Garments, textiles, footwear, travel products, bags, and tourism
    • For the garment sector, this additional measure will continue to provide a stipend of $ 40 per month to workers who lose their jobs or factories. This program will continue for another 3 months until the end of December 2020. The factory owner has to add $ 30 to this $ 40 so that the workers can get $ 70 per month.
    • For tourism workers, including hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, and travel agents, they will receive $ 40 for the same three months, but Enterprise owners shall participate voluntarily in addition to the government support.
    • The government also extends the tax exemption for another three months from October to December 2020 for registered hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, and tourism agencies. This exemption applies to tourism businesses in Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, Kampot, Sihanoukville, Kep, Bavet and Poipet.
    • The government also postponed the payment of social security obligations on pensions, exempting patent and nominal taxes, and postponing the audit for the year 2020 from the General Department of Taxation for travel agencies and operators in the tourism sector.
  2. The measure to support Aviation
    • The government will also extend for three months of tax exemption on the “Minimum Tax” for Cambodian-registered tour operators from October to December 2020.
    • Continue to extend the payment of civil aviation fees for an additional two months until the end of December 2020, with the permission of the airlines to arrange for the payment of such debts in stages after this extension.
  3. Pandemic relief fund for poor and vulnerable families
    • Poor and vulnerable families will continue to receive benefits for the next three months, from October to December.

“The Royal Government will continue to monitor the situation of COVID-19, the economic and financial situation in the regional framework and Global to examine and evaluate the impact of COVID-19 on key sectors of the Cambodian economy in the direction of updating the necessary measures that are launched and ready to launch new measures under the framework of the economic recovery strategy after the COVID-19 crisis.

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