IBC Members Explore Innovation & Technology During VIP Tour Of Cambodian Broadcasting Service Studios in Phnom Penh

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In light of the successful trip to the Techo International Airport last month, The International Business Chamber of Cambodia (IBC) organized another exciting trip to an exclusive tour of the Cambodian Broadcasting Service (CBS) for the IBC members and non-members, where they observed the ongoing cross-platform production of leading news, lifestyle, sports, and entertainment programs. The tour also highlighted CBS’s innovative use of social media, potential for Ai translations and growing opportunities for advertisers.

Leading the tour, CBS CEO Mr. Dave Ulmer emphasized CBS’s commitment to innovation over the past decade. Founded with a mission to enrich the lives of all Cambodians by providing top-class TV that entertains, educates, and inspires, CBS has become a benchmark of innovation in Cambodian television.

Number One TV Channel Based On Ratings

CBS launched its first channel, the Cambodian Television Network (CTN), in 2003, quickly becoming a leader in the market. CTN revolutionized Cambodian television with its cutting-edge entertainment, innovative programming, and world-class broadcasting standards. Within a year of its launch, CTN was ranked as the number one TV channel based on ratings.

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In 2009, CBS introduced Cambodia’s first youth-oriented channel, MyTV. This channel has been at the forefront of delivering unique genres previously unseen by the Cambodian audience. By 2012, MyTV had secured the number two position in the market and has continued to grow stronger. The same year, CBS launched CNC, a channel dedicated to delivering the latest news both domestically and internationally.

CBS has played a pivotal role in bringing international artists and music to Cambodia through concerts, events, and broadcasts of international music awards shows and music videos from global record labels. With its growing roster of original Khmer music artists, CBS now produces quality TV commercials catering to both budget-conscious and premium customers. From high-profile international boxing bouts to local kickboxing events, CBS has secured exclusive broadcasting rights to some of the world’s best sports content.

Transition To On-Demand Access Via Smartphones

Ulmer pointed out the significant shift in television consumption in Cambodia. “There has been a transition from traditional television sets to on-demand access via smartphones,” he said. This shift has allowed CBS to reach more Cambodians, particularly in rural and remote areas.

Additionally, CBS’s strong presence on social media platforms has enhanced audience engagement and provided new avenues for advertisers to reach potential customers. “Our use of social media has opened up more access for advertisers, allowing them to connect with a wider audience in innovative ways,” Ulmer added.  CBS’s expanded distribution on air, online, and on the ground, has increased their viewership from hundreds of thousands to tens of millions over the course of the last 12 months.

The tour also included a visit to the set of the latest MasterChef Cambodia program, where IBC members witnessed live filming. This provided a firsthand look at CBS’s high production standards and its ability to produce engaging content that resonates with viewers. A tour member commented, “The high production standards for international brands like MasterChef are impressive. It’s clear that CBS is capable of delivering content that meets global expectations.”

Making International Content More Accessible To Local Viewers

The tour showcased CBS’s upcoming use of AI programs to translate foreign languages into Khmer subtitles and eventually dubbed content. This integration of AI for translation will enable CBS to provide a greater amount of content to a broader Khmer audience efficiently and quickly.

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IBC members who attended the tour were impressed with CBS’s advancements and its commitment to leveraging technology to enhance the viewer experience. One member remarked, “CBS’s focuses and approach to incorporating AI for translation is a game-changer for the industry, making international content more accessible to local viewers.”

CBS’s initiatives reflect its dedication to maintaining its leadership position in the Cambodian media landscape while continuously exploring innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of its audience.


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